Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration for MidMOM 2023 is CLOSED!

We need thousands of volunteers to make the Mid-South Mission of Mercy work. All volunteers fall under three different categories: Dental, Medical, and General. Registration is quick and easy, so please click the button below that best describes you. Thanks for volunteering!

Dental Volunteer Medical Volunteer General Volunteer

Types of Volunteers Needed

Each year we need more than 1,500 volunteers of many types. Here are a few examples:

  • Dental Professionals
  • Medical Professionals
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • Interpreters (Spanish, American Sign Language, etc.)
  • General Volunteers (Patient Hospitality, Triage Clerks, and other non-dental capacities)

    *Quite a bit of standing and walking is involved, so please wear comfortable shoes.

For more information on General Volunteer Job Descriptions, click here

Volunteer FAQs

Q: What are the location and exact dates?
A: Bellevue Baptist Church, 2000 Appling Road, Cordova, TN 38016
  • SETUP and WALKTHROUGH will be Thursday.
  • DENTAL CLINIC DAYS are Friday and Saturday.
  • BREAK DOWN will be Saturday.
Q: How do I register to volunteer?
A: It’s easy! Click one of the three buttons above (Dental, Medical, and General Volunteers) and you will be directed to a registration page. Registration takes about 2 minutes. That's it.

Q: How do I know which volunteer position to request?
A: Dental, medical, and general positions are listed within Online Volunteer Registration. Choose whichever position suits you best. If you are a dentist, keep in mind that surgery may be the most popular option, so if you are particularly skilled at restorative, please consider choosing that instead.

Q: Will I be assigned to the job that I requested when I registered?
A: Every effort will be made to place volunteers in the position requested. However, this may not always be possible, as needs change. Please be flexible!

Q: What is the minimum age to volunteer?
A: The minimum age to volunteer is 14, as long as a parent or guardian is also a volunteer on site. Volunteers 18 and older do not need a parent or guardian on site.
* Volunteers between the ages of 14-18  will need to download a waiver form and sign it.

Q: If I’m a Dentist or Hygienist with a license from a state other than Tennessee, or if my Tennessee license has expired, can I still perform dental or hygiene services at MidMOM?
A: Yes. Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi dental and hygiene licenses will be allowed. You must have a current license to perform dental or hygiene services at MidMOM. Please register by November 30 so we can obtain the appropriate temporary license for you.

Q: What if I need to change my volunteer schedule, contact information, or other volunteer information after I’ve submitted my online registration form?
A: It’s simple: Just reply to your Registration Confirmation email and let us know what changes need to be made.  We will take it from there.

Q: How will we know what are we supposed to do during our shift?
A: General volunteers will go through a brief "Volunteer Orientation" when they arrive for their shift. There will also be Chairmen and Captains for each department/area that will instruct on specifics of that area.

Q: Is lodging available?
Lodging will need to be coordinated on your own. Here are some suggested hotels nearby Bellevue.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Memphis/Wolfchase Galleria
    7955 Ikea Way, Cordova, Tennessee, 38016
    (901) 849-5655
    Visit Website
  • Wingate by Wyndham Cordova/Memphis
    2270 N Germantown Pkwy, Memphis, TN 38016
    (901) 386-1110
    Visit Website
  • Quality Suites
    8166 Varnavas Dr, Cordova, TN 38016
    (901) 386-4600
    Visit Website

Q: Where do I park at the event and where do I check in?
In early January, all volunteers will be emailed a confirmation packet that will include their assignment and when/where to check in.

Q: When do I report for work?
A: Check-in time depends on your shift and your assigned task. You will be given more information on check-in procedures and times in your confirmation packet in early January. In general, morning volunteers check in at 5 AM, and afternoon-only volunteers check in by 10 a.m. Some volunteers will be needed earlier, some a bit later, so read your instructions closely. Morning shifts will end around noon. Afternoon shifts end around 4:30-5:00 PM.

Q: Will there be a place to store my purse or other valuables?
A: We cannot be responsible for personal items. Please plan on bringing only what you can wear or keep with you. Also do not leave important personal items in your car where they can be seen through car windows.

Q: Are meals provided for volunteers?
A: Yes. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, soft drinks, and water will be provided for volunteers. Be sure to indicate within your online registration which meals you plan on.

Q: What do I wear at MidMOM?
A: Comfortable clothes and shoes! Blue jeans or scrubs and sneakers are okay, but shoes must be closed-toed for your safety! At check-in, an MidMOM T-Shirt will be issued to each volunteer. Each person will be given the size they chose on their online Volunteer Registration form, so make sure you select the correct size when registering. Volunteers are strongly encouraged to wear their MidMOM T-Shirt while working at the event. T-Shirts are color-coded by assignment, and therefore contribute greatly to helping the clinic flow more smoothly.

Q: Do dental personnel need to bring any special equipment?
A: Dental personnel need to bring safety glasses and any loupes/magnifiers that you normally use. Chair-side electrical outlets will be available if needed. Each dental unit will have a portable Aseptico dental light, but headlamps are helpful. Handpieces, surgical instruments, filling instruments, hygiene instruments, Cavitrons, curing lights, amalgam and composite filling material, exam gloves, gauze/cotton rolls, local anesthetics, etc. will all be provided. (A more specific list of restorative supplies will be sent to dental personnel in the confirmation packet.) You may also bring your own non-fiber optic hand pieces (MidMOM tubing is non-fiber optic) and forceps if you wish, and our sterilization team will sterilize them for you. Please be sure your personal pieces of equipment are each labeled properly ahead of time.

Q: What if the type of instruments and/or filling materials that I prefer is not on the list of provided supplies in the packet?
A: Again, you are welcome to bring any personal supplies (labeled if going to sterilization) that you wish. Please keep in mind that this is a mission project and we are somewhat limited in the variety of supplies that we can provide.